Smart Replenishment is Changing the eCommerce Game for Brands

Smart replenishment allows brands to better serve consumers with products at the exact point in time it is needed. Thanks to smart labels, attached to bottles, bins or containers, brands can have their products automatically re-ordered (or notify consumers) when the product is running low. This is a significant upgrade from the regular calendar-based auto-replenishment, where the consumers pre-select the delivery quantity and frequency and therefore, are often left with too much or not enough of the product. Smart replenishment, for the first time in history, automates the process of aligning consumer needs with replenishment.

In addition to the opportunity to elevate consumers’ experience with the brand, smart labels generate an unprecedented level of consumption data, which can be integrated with internal systems, fulfillment and eCommerce platforms in order to establish a deeper understanding of usage patters and automate the reorder process.