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Joe Belechak

Recent Posts

How Smart Tracking Technology can Act as an "X-Ray" of your Brand

by Joe Belechak | Oct 10 2020 |
      Ever broken a bone? Odds are that you have - statistically speaking.    (Quick aside: I broke my ankle during a basketball game in high school. Landed on someone’s foot, heard the crack, knew it was broken immediately. I still jumped over a guy immediately after the crack to grab the rebound. ...

How to Optimize Data to Align with Consumer Needs

by Joe Belechak | Sep 24 2020 |
I used to sell Cheerios. 

What We've Learned From How Consumers Really Use Your Product

by Joe Belechak | Aug 20 2020 |
I have a confession to make. All those times we went and ordered slices of pizza and I said I wanted two slices…I wasn’t being totally truthful. I wanted three most times. Heck, sometimes I wanted 4! I didn’t mean to mislead you, it’s just I felt like that was the answer I was supposed to give you. ...