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How a CPG Leader Used Real-Time Consumer Insights to Increase New Product Consumption

by Adrich Team | Apr 13 2021 |
A market leader in the dressing and seasoning category obtained an unprecedented level of consumer insights – a holistic understanding of consumer behavior including when and how much the product was used. Here’s the story. 

Detecting the Truth vs Lies in Consumer Insights

by Adrich Team | Feb 25 2021 |
The results from your In Home Usage Tests (IHUT), habits and practices, ethnographies, or any consumer research/product testing are only as good as your consumers are honest - and they are not.  Of course, your consumers don’t intend to be dishonest or mislead you. That said, these traditional ...

How CPG Can Achieve Real Sustainability and Transparency

by Adrich Team | Dec 01 2020 |
  Why sustainability is becoming a top priority Regardless of the industry, from consumer goods to business services, sustainability is a top initiative.  Both companies themselves and consumers are demanding accountability in taking action to become more sustainable.  Although sustainability has ...

Connected E-commerce: When Product Orders Itself

by Adrich Team | Nov 06 2020 |
The traditional e-commerce model is built on a lot of assumptions, even more guesses and a lot of grinding wheels spinning in an effort to get consumers to buy and win long-term loyalty. The subscription model has become a popular way of achieving recurring purchases. According to a survey deployed ...

The Top Industry Drivers of IoT and AI in CPG

by Adrich Team | Aug 31 2020 |

Going Beyond the Subscription: How Connected Auto-Replenishment is Redefining the Consumer-Brand Relationship

by Adrich Team | Aug 11 2020 |
Want more happy customers? Earning consumer loyalty is simple: give customers exactly what they need, at the precise moment when they need it. Of course, this is one of those things that is “easier said than done.” That said, thanks to predictive technology, it’s much much more achievable than ever ...

Auto-Replenishment: The Consumer Perspective

by Adrich Team | Jul 23 2020 |
Over the past several years, there has been a lot of buzz (and a little debate) around auto-replenishment and its role in the future of consumer behavior. According to a report by Oracle titled “Retail in 4 Dimensions: Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Age of Relativity,”48% of consumers would ...

The New Normal in Brand Loyalty

by Adrich Team | Jun 30 2020 | New Era
This is an excerpt from our eBook, How to Use Consumer Insights to Improve Your Fulfillment Process & Gain Brand Loyalty. Download the full version here. 

Introducing the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the technology that is emerging all around us isn’t just making our world easier, it’s making it smarter. Among its ranks is the Adrich Smart Product Usage Tracker - a tiny piece of tech with huge potential impact. Part of the Adrich Smart Consumer ...

The Future of CPG: Consumers & Brands to Benefit From IoT

Since the invention of the wheel, technology has been solving problems. With tech like face recognition and AI soaring to new heights, our world today looks more than ever like a high-tech sci-fi fantasy. The CPG industry, however, hasn’t yet embraced the IoT movement. Many people within the ...