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Adhithi Aji

Recent Posts

5 Ways for Brands to Leverage Real-time Consumption Behavior Data to Stay Competitive

by Adhithi Aji | Apr 29 2021 |
. The insights gained from real-time product usage data captured through our Smart Consumption Platform™ are transforming the ways that brands understand and engage with consumers, develop and package their products, and uncover opportunities for long-term loyalty. Smart Consumption Platform allows ...

Top 10 "Aha!" Moments Uncovered When Smart Labels Tracked Product Usage

by Adhithi Aji | Apr 21 2021 |
The world’s top consumer brands are going beyond traditional, self-reported research to tap into never-before-seen consumer insights using the smart consumption platform. Smart, connected research is reshaping the way brands access consumer insights. The traditional approaches to market research – ...

International Women’s Day: Let’s Achieve an Equal Future

by Adhithi Aji | Mar 08 2021 |
Join us in our pursuit on behalf of women in innovation & entrepreneurship. The UN theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World” As a female-founded company, we’re proud to be able to provide a disruptive technology to the CPG ...

How the Pet Care Industry Can Leverage Connected eCommerce to Attract and Retain more Consumers

by Adhithi Aji | Jan 21 2021 |
As the pet care industry looks to new ways to serve its customers and consumers in a post-Covid world, connected eCommerce has gained recent attention due to its ability to help brands better understand the usage behaviors of their consumers and better meet their demands at the precise point of ...