Amazon Smart Reorders is Now Available with Adrich’s Smart Consumer Platform™!

Reduce time-to-market, access real-time consumer data, trigger auto-reordering.

Amazon smart reorders enables a connected device to automatically reorder products from Amazon. Adrich's out-of-the box solution allows any consumables manufacturer to convert new or existing products into a smart, connected product. 

With this integration, CPG brands can benefit from:

  • Real-time usage data to identify when a product is running low, triggering an  automatic re-order or ‘low supply’ push notifications to a consumer’s mobile device.
  • Unprecedented consumer experience , breaking through the limitations of calendar-based reordering to offer convenience and gain loyalty.
  • A deep understanding of consumer usage behaviors that can be used to drive future product decisions.
  • Meeting sustainability goals through re-usable smart, connected packaging.
  • ...and more!

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